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My name is Ryohei Hisano (久野遼平). I am a Lecturer at the Mathematics and Informatics Center and the Department of Mathematical Informatics, within the Graduate School of Information Science and Technology at the University of Tokyo. I also work part-time at the Canon Institute for Global StudiesI obtained my BA in Economics from Keio University and my MA in Economics from Hitotsubashi University, followed by a doctorate from ETH Zurich (Dr. sc ETH Zurich). Afterward, I held postdoctoral positions at ETH Zurich, the National Institute of Informatics, and the University of Tokyo.


My research primarily centers on the development of network mining and semantic web methodologies, with a special emphasis on their applications in finance and legal studies. Additionally, ever since my master's studies, I have been fascinated with analyzing new types of social and economic data, often referred to as 'alternative data' in Japan. This passion has ultimately led me to become a data science instructor.

I am actively engaged in data science education, both at the Mathematics and Informatics Center and at the University of Tokyo Data Science School.

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